Trust Issues with Reality

by Emotion in General

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'Trust Issues with Reality' is a collection of songs recorded in January
of 2016 at Old House Studio. Pheeno came up with the title, although he didn't know it at the time. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and continue to find value in this project as well as others to come.


released April 23, 2016

Music by Sam Abel
Artwork by Spencer Merrill
Minor Artwork Contributions by Sam Abel & Ryan Decker
Documented by Chris Garges
Mastered by Scott Craggs



all rights reserved


Emotion in General North Carolina

Music currently broadcasting from Asheville, NC.

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Track Name: Sex & Cigarettes
You smell like sex and cigarettes
I guess that's just the depression setting in
You look like war and tidal waves
I swore I'd never cave in
You never gave a fuck anyways
I hope you know I'm never letting go of your throat

You're filled with pills and deep regret
The chills, they break your neck again
What a waste of space you are
and this not the first time, and it's not the last,
but I'm sure as fire your brain is ash
Track Name: Insane
I'm Insane
but aren't we all anyways?
Loosened screws in my brain
You should surely stay away
I'm insane

But aren't we all that way?
Time is burning as we speak
Yet you still won't learn to think
You're Insane

I hope you're happy that way
Rejoice in the Sun's rays
We cheer oh hooray we're Insane!

So spin those wheels
Mix those molecules and see how feel
Ask yourself if you really are real
Stare at at the stars with wonder,
and forget how to feel

Okay I'm Insane
Hooray I'm Insane
Today I'm Insane
Track Name: Humans
I hear hurt in vocal chords
A soft slip or waiver heard
In the vowel of a single word
The throat knot thickens

I see confusion in eyes
Abrupt awakening rise and shine
Interrupt vacationing of mind
and waltz away intoxicated

I feel the warmth of a woman
She hears my heartbeat in her ear
Save this moment in a pocket
Before it burns to black; disappears.
Track Name: Carousels
There's Carousels in your ear canals and
Carnivals in your veins
Lying down half-dead on that bed
It's a wonder what the head can create

There's ensembles of elves inside,
That otherwise dormant mind
Is it happiness?
Is it loneliness?
Is it right to feel alright?

I'd like to sing
For those who are listening
Oh wait I already am!
I guess that was all part of the plan

Whose voice is that?
Will someone acknowledge that?
Oh wait I'm by myself
Will someone please call for help?!

Corner where walls meet
Is swaying and starting to breathe
The tie-dye is bleeding it seems
and the ceiling is (A) sheep